Almost every human being posses smooth and shiny skin at their tender or youthful age, This smooth skin makes us very attractive to our peers and opposite sex as well. But, this smooth skin gradually fades away as we advance in age, this wrinkling and fading of the skin layers are as a result of skin oxidation, skin oxidation is very similar to oxidation (rusting) of iron or browning of avocado fruits as it is ripe and stays for some time. In order to combat this worrying phenomenon antioxidant was introduced to skincare products, with these antioxidants we are able to restore the smoothness and shine of our skin.

How Exactly Does Antioxidants and Skincare Products Work

The process of oxidation is very natural and occurs to every human being as they grow old, oxidation starts when we expose our skin to Ultraviolet light which leads to the production of free radicals in our skin cells. With antioxidants, we will be able to reduce oxidation processes on our skin layers by neutralizing the radicals produced when we are exposed to ultraviolet light.

The Good and Bad of Antioxidants in Skincare Products

Having one or two negative effects of antioxidants is not a big surprise, With the proliferation of dozens of antioxidants in skincare products we certainly expect some demerits. Most antioxidant products are based on vitamin C, vitamin E, idebenone, zinc, copper and beta carotene, coenzyme Q10 this antioxidants solutions are very effective in the restoration of skin smoothness and shine.Many of these antioxidant components are extracted from plants such as pomegranates, coffee berries, green tea, grape seeds, olives, mushrooms and many more.

skincare products and antioxidants, what they don't tell you
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Skincare experts have been able to prove that antioxidants are effective and necessary for the restoration of skin smoothness. Although Hundreds of researches on antioxidants are still been carried by many Skincare product manufacturers to prove the effectiveness of antioxidants in restoring skin smoothness and also how antioxidants help in the prevention of skin cancer.

Many skincare experts have also expressed concerns over the possible dangers that antioxidant products will expose our skin layers too, They stated the effect of lemon juice on Avocado is an entirely different biological process when compared to the exposure of human skin to ultraviolet light. Top Three essential questions concerning antioxidants and skincare products.

Despite all the positive outcome that antioxidants will bring to our skin, there are still many questions that are heavily debated about concerning the Stability of antioxidants, the absorbent of antioxidant and the ultimately the right concentration of antioxidants in skincare products. We will study these topical issues below to ascertain the realities of using antioxidants:

STABILITY: It is very clear that almost all skincare companies are faced with the challenges of antioxidant breakdown when exposed to ultraviolet light. These Companies have been researching to get reliable methods of packaging skincare products without having the issues of antioxidant breakdown some of them have adopted the packaging their skincare creams, lotions, and serums in dark or opaque bottles and metal tubes, while some convert their products to powder to avoid breakdown and also the use of Ferulic acid has helped in stabilizing antioxidants.

ABSORPTION: Another major challenge facing the use of antioxidants has been the issue of how it will be absorbed by our skin cells since it is unlike the antioxidants that we consume through the foods we eat or in the form of supplements are circulated around our body and absorbed into our cells. The major concern is that the antioxidants would just sit on our skin layers, where they will get washed or rubbed off instead of getting absorbed into the skin cells where they are needed.

Luckily, many experts have proven that antioxidants can be absorbed into our skin cells through the cells of the stratum corneum which is a top skin layer and that is exactly where they are needed to neutralize free radicals.

CONCENTRATION: The last question facing the use of antioxidants is the issue of knowing the right quantity of antioxidants needed to achieve the necessary result. Depending on the strength of the antioxidant, some products might need just a sprinkle while others will be needing more to achieve the desired results or else it will lead to skin irritation when used in excess. As a result of this challenge, many skincare products manufactures are funding researches that will solve this problem very soon.

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