Work with a particular concealer brand: Choosing a product or having a particular product in mind is very important when applying concealer because products vary with quality. Different  concealer products gives different results for different skin types take for example one may prefer LA girl or mac or zaron concealer for their skin simply because these mentioned brands blend well for them and their textures matches well with their skin type. The logic here is that you work with whatever product that gives you the best result and never compare yourself with others since your skin type varies. This plays a key role in the application of concealer as everyone looks forward to attaining a clean finishing   look.

Carefully select your preferred shade: Another vital point to consider in applying concealer is selecting a shade that suits ones complexion as concealer comes in varying shades. It is best to check out your skin type and know which shade suits you better and work with it. You can find the shade that matches your skin tone buy applying a little on the face and blend it in. Always ensure that you are not wearing any makeup on before trying it out since it may alter your ability to get the perfect shade for yourself when trying to cover up sunburns, dark eye circles or acne on the face, correction concealers are the best for such. Correction concealer comes also in different shades and colors as explained below;

  1. Green concealer which is preferable for reducing the redness of a spot on the face such as sun burn.
  2. Orange concealer which is used to cover up dark and purple spots.
  3. Lavender concealer help blend out yellow tones complexion.
  4. Yellow concealer which is used to brighten up the face.

For dark circles under the eyes and scars, apply concealer with 1-2 shade lighter than your skin tones can be used. Always ensure that you don’t use a very light shade so as to avoid looking ashy when you want to apply concealer.

Choose your preferred kind of concealer. Concealers comes in different types such as stick concealer, cream concealer, and pencil concealer. All these concealers are good for different skin types and offer different coverage depending on what you want. People with oily skin should avoid stick and cream concealers as they make pores more prominent hence, liquid concealers should be best for such skin type. Pencil concealers are more preferable for acne since it makes it easier for application. One can also go for thicker concealer when applying on acne because it can be molded easily hence blends in well for better and effective coverage.

Face prep. Washing of the face with any facial cleanser and moisturizing the face are very essential when you want to apply concealer. This helps to remove remnants of previous make up products such as mascara underneath the eye and the entire face to enhance better and clean result. Always know that concealer is the first thing in the application of makeup.

Effective ways to apply concealer to skin

Cover dark under eye circles. In concealing the under eye, try to apply concealer brush or even the fingers can be used to dab the concealer underneath the eyes in an inverted triangular shape. This is done by drawing the triangle from one end of the under eye to the other end close to the nose and down to the crease of the nose. Use a blending brush, beauty blender or the finger tips to blend in and apply concealer into the skin in such a way that   there isn’t   any visible difference between that area and the normal skin tone. That is the essence of blending perfectly.  Always dab the concealer on the nose for those with deep eye sets so as not to look sleepy. Ensure to apply your concealer to the base of the eye that is directly under the lash line for more effective results.

Application on acne and other dark spots. For people with dark spots, sun burns, birthmarks or blemishes on the face, apply concealer to cover these spots for a smoother look by dabbing the concealer on these spots and blending effectively into the skin usually fingers should not be used to apply it as it can spread some bacteria on that part of the face and cause some allergic reactions which you may not like. Do not use lot of concealer on such spots since it becomes noticeable over time and create demarcations on the face. You should know that to apply concealer with powder helps keeps the face natural all day.

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